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Big Words, Small Mind

We all know someone who is like this, they use big smart sounding words when they talk to you, they are trying to make themselves look big and clever, not that they are big and clever though, they just want other people to think thats the case.   In normal conversation which does not require any over the top concepts or debate, these people will suddenly introduce logical fallacies and scientific terms which are used in a professional capacity and not meant to intrude and disrupt normal conversations between people on a friendly and informal basis.  For example you will be just making a couple of observations or off the cuff comments or even just expressing your opinions on certain things and they will feel that for some reason they have to make you feel inferior to them.  This is not because you are inferior but they want to make you feel that way.  How many of us have heard of Quantum String Theory in Physics?  How many of us normal ordinary citizens have any idea of the logical fallacy or the logical paradox, and how many ordinary people do you know are aware of such words as hypnogogic, mysogynistic, paradolia, antidisestablishmentarianism?  What in the world is a syllogism? Anyone out there have any idea what Restospective Determinism is? 

You may not be aware of any of those concepts or words or ideas, or you may be aware of just a few.  More likely you will be aware of some of them but don’t see any need to use them in conversation when chatting with your friends or having an informal discussion online with people you consider acquaintances.  Why is it then there are some people for whom everything becomes a logical debate and everyone else must be discredited or disproven?  What lies behind such behaviour?  Why do they do it?  I recall a very recent conversation with someone I liked a lot, being completely ruined and misunderstood because that person introduced a logical concept at an inappropriate time in order to back up an impulsive false accusation they made through frustration.  Completely ruined any kind of friendship we could have potentially had and worse, that person didn’t give me time to check what his logical fallacy was so I could give an intelligent response to his false accusations.

There are some psychological reasons why people feel they have to outsmart everyone else around them.  One is of course deep insecurity and social phobia which they try to hide by over- compensating and thinking that by sounding smart people will believe them to be smart and lo and behold they will be the centre of the conversation.  Another is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder wherein a person must do everything absolutely the right way and correctly – perfectionists who have a deep need to be perfect and right and then find they can’t live up to their own standards, but at least they can be better than anyone else. Aspergers syndrome is on the low scale of the autistic spectrum but the person suffering from aspergers will often misread people or perhaps not read them at all and misinterpret contexts and social situations and actually feel that it is an appropriate time to introduce logical concepts, scientific terms and thus it is not really their fault that they do this but merely a lack of communication.

Then of course some people are just inherently nasty and like making fools of other people, they find it funny, they actually think of themselves to be better than anyone else and so by using their big frilly language it will completely exclude those who don’t know what they are talking about, from the conversation.  It is a form of insulting the intelligence of others, it is arrogant, condescending and elitist in nature and highly destructive.  Those same people will pretend to like you and then at the same time be making goo goo faces at their real friends because in truth they believe you to be stupid and want to belittle you.  This is an elitist attitude, a false belief in their own special knowledge.  However upon analysis of their big fancy words, their ridiculous elitist latin names and their incredulous concepts, we find a complete lack of understanding of what those concepts actually are.  Thats right, the big important man with all the opinions and all the answers has a very very poor understanding of those concepts and only uses them to make other people look stupid.  Worst of all these people actually confuse their own opinions with fact.  They actually believe that because their opinion agrees with fact, that they must be right.  Here’s the rub, they aren’t right at all, the facts are right, and they, with all their postulating and self importance, are just as clueless as the rest of us.  Opinions are called opinions because they are not facts and to attack a person in any capacity for having an opinion shows a complete lack of understanding and ignorance on behalf of the attacker.  Just because everyone else is wrong doesn’t mean he is right, however that doesn’t seem to get through to some people.

What they haven’t thought of, because they can’t even concieve of it, is that a person might not be aware of a fancy latin name for a logical concept but may be able to grasp that concept completely and understand it and use it in the right context when and where required, in a professional capacity.  They also haven’t thought of the fact that some people, may know a lot of things but just don’t talk about them in social or online situations because they see it as being unfriendly and unimportant.  Thats what you call real intelligence, and not just mindful intelligence but emotional intelligence.  They will stupidly confuse this attitude to others as political correctness or elitism and they do this because that attitude exposes them for what they actually are, and what they are, are shallow small minded bullies so insecure in their own being that they have to belittle and degrade others just to feel important.  You find them in all walks of life, and not just in the school playground – where it begins.

A person who uses big words, in the wrong way has a small mind.

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